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How can a checklist help you?


A checklist is a great way to help you start the licensure process before you leave your country of origin; to ensure that you bring all your important documents with you; and to remind you of what you have to do when you arrive.


Here is a ready-made checklist:

Stage & Preparation Completed Notes
Look at Engineering in Nova Scotia website
Make contact with Engineers Nova Scotia
Apply for an assessment with Engineers Nova Scotia
Take one of the approved language assessments
Gather all relevant documents
Gather all work experience with signatures
Gather work and personal references
Register with ISANS
Connect with an employment specialist at ISANS
Enrol in Job Search Strategies for IEEs with ISANS
Connect with a language counselor at ISANS
Enrol in relevant online language courses with ISANS
Arrived & Pre-licensed
Review the Engineering in Nova Scotia website
Work with your employment specialist at ISANS
Touch base with Engineers Nova Scotia
Complete the requirements as outlined by the BOE from Engineers Nova Scotia
See if you are eligible for OCSE at ISANS
See if you are eligible for the Work-based Competency Assessment Program at ISANS
See if you are eligible for the Professional Mentoring Program at ISANS
Renew any outdated certifications (First Aid, WHMIS, etc.)
Apply for licensure with Engineers Nova Scotia when you have met all the requirements
Licensed & Pre-employed
Get actively involved with Engineers Nova Scotia
Enrol in Job Search Strategies for IEEs at ISANS (if you did not do this pre-arrival)
Look at labor market information
Get business cards made
Prepare & practice a 30 second elevator pitch
Search for networking opportunities
Get referred to the Practice Interview Program at ISANS
Request informational interviews
Look into volunteering opportunities
Enrol in Working in Canada and Canadian Workplace Integration at ISANS
Participate in the Continuing Professional Development Program with Engineers Nova Scotia
Attend networking for business opportunities with ISANS
Attend conferences, seminars, lunch & learns and other professional development opportunities
Join one of the committees with Engineers Nova Scotia
Volunteer in your community


Do your best to get all the pre-arrival steps completed. 

It will make the licensure process much smoother when you do arrive.