Working as an Engineer in Nova Scotia

Working with Others

How can you successfully work with others in the workplace?

Working With Others

Working well with others is another soft skill employers highly value.

Team work offers a number of benefits to an organization such as increasing efficiency and productivity; improving communication, offering different perspectives; providing learning opportunities; and building morale.

Employers want to know that you can work cooperatively and effectively with others in a variety of situations.


Here are some skills you can use to successfully work with others:

Listen to your team members’ ideas and allow them to express these ideas freely.

Ask your team members questions, interact and discuss.

Exchange, defend and then ultimately rethink your ideas.

Treat your team members with respect.

Help and support your team members.

Share your ideas and points of view with your team members.

Give your team members feedback when appropriate and be open to receiving it.

Participate, cooperative and be involved in the team.


What is the culture of teamwork in your country of origin?


Think about whether these statements are true for you:


  • Colleagues ask questions when they don’t understand something.
  • Colleagues believe competition between team members produce better results.
  • Colleagues share their ideas freely with others.
  • Colleagues believe that if you ask questions, you do not know how to do your job.
  • Colleagues believe it is weak to ask for help.
  • Colleagues praise team members for their skills and/or for doing a good job.
  • Colleagues support one another when they are doing tasks.
  • Colleagues only give information to team members when they are asked for it.



Do you have certain beliefs and customs that you might need to adapt to work effectively with others in Canada?