Entering the Labour Market


What is “networking” and how can it help you find employment?



Networking is interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional and social contacts.

A large percentage of jobs in Canada are not advertised and are often filled through “word of mouth”.  This is why networking can be a highly effective tool in your job search.

Networking expands your circle of connections: individuals, associations, groups and professional contacts.  These connections can lead to a job opportunity or career advancement.

The goal of networking is to meet the right individual who can help you, and to communicate your value to them.


Here are a few ideas to help you start networking:

  • List the people you already know
  • Attend professional events - often these include networking and social activities
  • Connect with your professional association
  • Volunteer at your professional association
  • Stay active on social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
  • Take a class or join a group activity
  • Set up informational interviews with professionals at a company you are interested in

Here are a few strategies for networking:

  • Be prepared – it can help reduce your stress
  • Carry business cards with you
  • Do some research before you go to a networking event - know who you would like to speak with and what you would like to accomplish there
  • Dress appropriately for the occasion
  • Greet people warmly, smile and make eye contact
  • Do not be afraid to mingle and interact with several people
  • Start a conversation with someone by asking questions and finding common interests
  • Develop an “elevator pitch” - this is a 20 second introduction of yourself
    Here is an example: “My name is Rosa Morales, I’m a civil engineer with five years’ experience on transportation projects and I have just arrived here in Halifax.  I love it here so far and I’m really excited about growing my career in Nova Scotia.”
  • Be careful not to ask for a job directly, but let them know how they can help you
    Here is an example: “I’m looking to connect with other engineers, particularly those who work on bridges."
  • Be a good listener – repeat the name of the person you have just met to help you remember their name
  • Offer others something such as helpful information, a good article or an important contact
  • Remember to follow up with your new contacts – email or call within a few days of meeting them, but do not overdo it – contact them once and if they suggest a time to meet, commit to that time


What percentage of people get jobs through “word of mouth” in your country of origin?


Do people use networking as a job search tool?

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