Pathway to Licensure for IEEs in Nova Scotia

Canadian Experience

How can you get the Canadian experience?

  • This is a communications course at ISANS.
  • It is for IEEs who intend to work in their field in Nova Scotia.
  • You study in the classroom and online, with one evening in class and 5-7 hours online each week.
  • This program can benefit you in many ways:
    • You increase your workplace communication skills
    • You have a better understanding of Canadian workplace culture
    • You have a better understanding of the licensure process
    • You hear from experts in the field
    • You have the opportunity to network
  • To be eligible for this program, you must:
    • Be an IEE
    • Be a Permanent Resident or immigrant Canadian Citizen
    • Register with ISANS and meet with a language counselor
    • Be committed to completing both the in-class and online portions of the course
    • Have a language level at Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB) 6+
  • There is a required textbook for this course.
  • Work with an employment specialist at ISANS to apply for engineering positions in Nova Scotia.  Learn more about this under the heading Labour Market.


Take OCSE even if you are working in a Canadian workplace.