Engineering in Canada


What are some interesting facts and statistics about engineering in Canada?


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National Engineering Month

March is National Engineering Month.  It is Canada’s biggest celebration of excellence in engineering.  Every year, many events take place across the country.  These events help young Canadians learn about the exciting disciplines of engineering and highlight the accomplishments of engineering in Canada.

Visit the Engineers Canada Website to read more on National Engineering Month.

Regulatory Bodies

Each province and territory in Canada has a regulatory body that regulates the engineering profession and licenses professional engineers in Canada.

Visit the Engineers Canada website to see a list of these regulators.

There are
regulatory bodies in Canada.

Engineers Canada

In 2020, six of Canada’s provincial regulators celebratedIn 1920, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Quebec were the first provinces to form regulatory bodies.  Later a national association was formed in 1936 called the Dominion Council of Professional Engineers, which is known today as Engineers Canada.

Watch the video on “There’s a place for you”.

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Read more about Nova Scotia’s Centennial in The Engineer.

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The most popular undergraduate engineering program in Canada is mechanical; mining engineering is the least popular.  Almost 18% of all undergraduate engineering enrolment is women.  The most popular engineering discipline for women is chemical engineering.



Percentage of engineering undergraduates that are women

First Engineering School in Canada


In 1854, the first engineering school in Canada was established at King’s College, which later became the University of New Brunswick.

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Growth in the Engineering Sector

Engineers Canada predicts a growth in most engineering disciplines through to 2025.  Most of the growth will take place in civil, mechanical and electrical engineering.



Engineers over 55

Engineering is facing an aging population; 30% of engineers are 55 or older and 17% are over 65.

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Engineers over 65
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    National Engineering Month

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    Engineering Regulators