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TechNova International Certification

How do you become certified as a technician or technologist with TechNova as an internationally educated technician or technologist?


TechNova Certification


TechNova has a tab dedicated to international applicants.  This section outlines their policy on certification for international applicants.  Here is the policy:

  • You must complete the Professional Practice Exam that is required at the time of your application, before being certified and registered.
  • Your international work experience must be validated by references that TechNova can directly contact or be supported by certified confirmation letters.
  • You must meet all the academic criteria and experience requirements.
  • Your one year of Canadian work experience must be at the appropriate level of certification and supported by appropriate references.
  • You may have to complete professional development in career orientation.
  • You may have to pass a language competency test.
  • You must provide proof that you are a resident of Canada such as Canadian citizenship or landed immigrant status, if requested.

(See Source 1)

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    Source 1: TechNova Website

    Certification Policy