Engineering in Canada


What are the different disciplines of engineering in Canada?


Engineering Occupations

There are many specialized areas of engineering in Canada.  Here is a list of classified engineering occupations:

Aerospace engineers design and test a variety of aerospace products.

Chemical engineers change matter into products that are used every day.

Civil engineers build the physical world.

Computer engineers create and improve the technologies and hardware that shape the world today.

Electrical and electronics engineers create technology that the world relies on.

Engineering managers combine their technical knowledge and management skills to be effective team leaders.

Geological engineers apply geoscience to fields such as civil engineering, mining and forestry.

Industrial and manufacturing engineers focus on a number of factors to try and improve the way they interact with one another to make processes more efficient and increase productivity.

Mechanical engineers focus on how things work - they research, design and develop a range of products.

Metallurgical and materials engineers study the materials that things are made of, how they are made and how they can be made better.

Mining engineers extract some of the world’s most valuable resources from the earth.

Petroleum engineers play an important role in removing and refining many of the resources that provide fuel for the modern society.

Software engineers design the software behind some of today’s most important systems.

Other Engineering Disciplines

There is also a category known as “Other Engineering Disciplines".  Here is a list of the engineering occupations under this category that are not classified:

  • Agricultural & Bio-resources Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Textile Engineers
  • Engineering Physicists & Engineering Scientists
  • Marine & Naval Engineers

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