Pathway to Licensure for IEEs in Nova Scotia

BOE Responses

What are some possible responses from the BOE?

The steps to complete the requirements are outlined in a letter from the Director of Registration.  The Director of Registration monitors and supports you in this process.

You must complete all requirements that are outlined by the BOE before you can apply for licensure.

When you receive your results of an assessment, you should review the decision and provide any additional information which you feel could affect the assessment outcome.

The intention of the BOE is to provide a pathway to licensure that is clear and fair and gives you enough opportunity to meet the licensing requirements.


BOE Responses

Possible responses from the BOE might be:

  • They assign examinations; these could however be waived if you have a post graduate degree in the same discipline and/or 10 or more years of continuous well documented engineering experience.
  • They invite you for an interview to assess your knowledge instead of taking confirmatory examinations – you cannot request an interview; it is only offered by the BOE based on your experience records.
  • They approve the experience you submitted.
  • They give you credit for an amount of experience and tell you the remaining amount of experience you need to get.