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Business Networking

What is networking for business?


Networking for Business

Networking is key to establishing important contacts when you are searching for a job or trying to advance your career. It can also be a valuable tool for your business.

The term “business networking” means to establish beneficial relationships with business owners, suppliers, business professionals and potential clients.

Business networking can help grow your business by exchanging services, advice, knowledge and contacts with other like-minded professionals.


Here are some of the benefits of networking for business:

  • It can create new business
  • It can increase your reputation and profile in your industry
  • It can make you a potential resource
  • It can generate ideas and provide new perspectives
  • It can provide support when you need it
  • It can give you direct access to influential leaders
  • It can build your communication skills and confidence
  • It can strengthen your existing relationships
  • It can keep you up-to-date on the latest news, trend and strategies

Networking with Other Professionals

A lot of business in Canada is still done with a handshake. The best way to network with other professionals is through face-to-face meetings and local business groups.


Here are some common ways you can network with other professionals:

  1. Business seminars
  2. Networking groups/events (this includes social media)
  3. Professional associations
  4. Mentor programs


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