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What is the role of Engineers Nova Scotia?


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Role of Engineers Nova Scotia

Engineers Nova Scotia is the provincial regulatory body responsible for licensing Professional Engineers and Engineers-in-Training practicing in Nova Scotia or in Nova Scotian projects.

Engineers Nova Scotia has over




  • To serve and protect the public interest.
  • To advance and promote the value and proficiency of the engineering profession.
  • To support the members in their professional practice.


Engineers Nova Scotia has a governing board that is made up of an elected Executive and Council.

Board of Examiners

The Board of Examiners (BOE) of Engineers Nova Scotia reviews the academic and experience qualifications of applicants applying for registration with Engineers Nova Scotia to determine the level and quality of academic training and work experience.

The Board's purpose is protection of the public by making sure that applicants are qualified to practice engineering in Nova Scotia.

Good to Know

Engineers Nova Scotia has a number of committees that are designed to support the members.  The committee members are volunteers from the membership.


The Women in Engineering Committee has four sub-committees that are currently working on:

  • Youth engagement
  • Improving working conditions
  • General public awareness
  • Supporting women in engineering
  • Engineers Nova Scotia has representatives that are assigned to a certain zone or area of Nova Scotia.  They support members in their zone.  Visit Engineers Nova Scotia to see the different zones and their representatives.

  • Engineers Nova Scotia puts out a number of news releases each month to keep the membership informed and up-to-date on issues and concerns.  Visit Engineers Nova Scotia to view these news releases.

  • Engineers Nova Scotia has a page dedicated to internationally educated engineers.  This page outlines the steps to registering with Engineers Nova Scotia as an internationally educated engineer.  A summary of this process is shown later in this section.  Visit Engineers Nova Scotia to view this page.

  • Engineers Nova Scotia posts career opportunities in Nova Scotia.  Visit Engineers Nova Scotia to view these postings.

  • Engineers Nova Scotia gives a number of awards each year to members and companies to acknowledge their accomplishments in the practice of engineering or service to the profession.  Visit Engineers Nova Scotia to see a list of these awards.

One example of an award Engineers Nova Scotia gives is the Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Excellence in Engineering.  The name of the award is in recognition of J. J. Kinley, P. Eng., the first and only Engineers Nova Scotia member to be the Lieutenant Governor of the Province of Nova Scotia and the first and only Professional Engineer to be the Lieutenant Governor of any province of Canada.


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    Internationally Educated Engineers

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