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Civil Engineering

What is a typical job description of one engineering discipline in Canada?


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National Occupation Classification

Canada has a national system for describing occupations.  It is called National Occupation Classification (NOC).  Each job title has a NOC code.  You can look up an occupation and read about the duties, education requirements and other important information.

Visit the NOC Website to read more about National Occupation Classification and to look up your occupation.


Civil Engineers employed in 2017


New Civil Engineer job openings 2017-2026

Civil engineering is one of the disciplines that will grow in Canada over the next few years. In 2017, there were 53,900 employed in this field in Canada.  Over the period from 2017 to 2026, there will be 19,100 new job openings in Canada.

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  • The NOC code for Civil Engineer is 2131. Here is a list of the job duties for this occupation.

    • Consult with clients and other members of the engineering team
    • Do research to determine the project needs
    • Plan and design large civil projects that include buildings, dams, roads and waste management systems
    • Plan construction specifications and procedures
    • Recommend appropriate building and construction materials
    • Review and approve survey and civil design work
    • Make sure construction plans meet guidelines, building codes and regulations
    • Create and oversee construction work schedules
    • Conduct studies and analysis such as feasibility, environmental, traffic, etc.
    • Oversee air, water and soil quality and make sure contaminated sites are cleaned up appropriately
    • Take on the role of project or site supervisor for land survey or construction work
    • Prepare contracts and review tenders for construction projects
    • Supervise technicians, technologists and other engineers

    (See Source 2)


Are you familiar with these duties?


Are they the same as in your country of origin?


If not, what is different or new?


Look up the duties of your engineering discipline in Canada.

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