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Changing Canadian Workplace

How is the Canadian workplace changing?

Workplace Changes in Canada

The Canadian workplace is a different place today than it was 30 years ago.  Many of the changes are due to the introduction of new technology and tools, and employees’ changing lifestyle needs and working styles.


Here are a few changes that are happening in the Canadian workplace:

The trend is moving towards sharing workstations in big open spaces to promote teamwork and collaboration.

Employers are more concerned about the mental health and comfort of their employees.  Some examples of this are standing desks, ergonomically designed chairs, a relaxed dress code and access to mental health resources and supports.

Rapidly evolving technology and new online tools give employees the opportunity to work remotely from home or in various locations.

As employers embrace racial, cultural, age, gender, sexual orientation and disability diversity, new ideas and customs are introduced into the workplace.

The newest generations (Millennials & Gen Zs) are more concerned with a work-life balance and are challenging the norms of the 5-day workweek and hierarchical structure.

In the past employment benefits and security were important factors when applying for a job.  Now other factors such as employers who offer opportunities for growth and development are becoming equally as important.


Has the workplace in your country of origin changed over the last few decades?


If yes, are they similar to the changes in the Canadian workplace?


What is different?