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Success Stories

What are some success stories?

Here are three success stories from female engineers working in Nova Scotia:

An electrical engineer from Iran, this client came to Canada alone and began her life and career in Halifax, NS in 2018.  After working with her ISANS employment specialist to develop an action plan to help with integration and job readiness, she successfully completed many training programs, including Job Search Strategies workshops; Practice Interview Program; Introduction to NS; computer classes; and the Professional Mentorship Program.  Because she was an engineer in her home country and wanted to continue working as an engineer in NS, her employment specialist referred her to two ISANS programs specifically for engineers: Orientation and Communication Skills for Engineers (OCSE) and the Work-based Competency Assessment Program for engineers.  Her participation in the work-based placement program led her to meet an employer at a power utility who saw that her experience, as well as her Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, would be an asset for his area.  At the same time that her placement was to begin Covid 19 struck NS and sent the province into lock down for several months.  Patiently the client waited for the crisis to pass to begin her placement.  Then in June, 2020 her patience paid off as she was offered a 3 month, work from home term.  She completed the term in August and was immediately offered a paid extension.  With the help of her supervisor she is working towards being a fully licensed engineer in NS.


This client, a civil engineer from Nigeria, connected with ISANS services pre-arrival and completed the Job Search Strategies workshops before landing in NS.  After arrival in the province she resumed her work with an employment specialist.  The client had her language skills tested and had high scores, however, she needed assistance in conveying her work experience to employers in a relatable way.  After having several targeted practice interviews she was ready to be referred to the Work-based Competency Assessment Program for engineers.  Working in partnership with ISANS Professional Mentorship Program, she was introduced to an employer from a crown corporation specializing in provincial infrastructure.  This connection led to an offer of a 3 month work-based engineering competency assessment, which was so successful that she was offered a term position.  Today she is still with this organization offering her expertise in municipal civil engineering projects.


This success story features a structural engineer from India who came to ISANS for services in 2019.  She immediately followed the advice of her employment specialist and undertook training in the Job Search Strategies workshops, language assessment, OCSE and the Work-based Competency Assessment Program for engineers.  Her focus and ability to convey her technical skills to an employer led her to being offered a 3 month work-based engineering competency assessment with a small, structural engineering firm.  After successfully completing the requirement of 1 year of Canadian work experience for licensure through OCSE, she applied for licensure with Engineers NS.  In September of 2020, she finished her placement and was offered a full-time job.  She had this to say about her experience: “Good morning! I successfully completed three month training in ABCD Engineering Ltd. on last Tuesday (September 15th) and they offered me a full time position!  I am joining there from October onwards.  This mail is to extend my sincere gratitude to you and ISANS.  Because of you only, I got this opportunity.  ISANS is doing great job for immigrants like me.  We all are always thankful to you.”



Can you see yourself in one of these stories?  How will you be another success story?