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Success Stories

Are there some success stories?

Success can happen! It may be a long journey, but it can be achieved.  Below are a few success stories in Nova Scotia to inspire you!

Success Story #1

In 2017, a Spanish teacher from Mexico successfully obtained a Nova Scotia teacher\'s certification and secured a teaching position at Citadel High School in Halifax. Upon arrival in Canada, she completed the Job Search Strategies Workshops at ISANS and had met many times with an employment specialist who helped her understand the certification process, develop a good resume and prepare for job interviews. While her application for certification was in process, she began to work as a lunch monitor which gave her the chance to learn directly about students and schools in Nova Scotia, as well as make professional contacts. One teacher at the school connected her to the principal of Citadel High School and subsequently she got a teaching job there!

Success Story #2

This success story is about a teacher from Peru. When she landed in Canada her English skills were at Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 5. She worked with ISANS on her licensing pathway right away. It took her some time to obtain the transcripts and the Statement of Professional Standing. By the time she gathered all the documents and received her teacher\'s certification, her English level was at CLB 7/8. She started working in Halifax as a substitute teacher and when she learned to drive, was able to work outside Halifax as well. When she decided to move to Truro, Nova Scotia, she was able to full-time work as a substitute teacher.

Success Story #3

A teacher from India came to Canada with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and 15 years\' experience in the classroom teaching Math, but she had no B.Ed. She was fluent in English and had an engaging personality. Even though she was ineligible for teacher certification, she secured a teaching position with a local private school where she had a successful teaching career until she retired.