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Specialized Programs

What specialized programs are available?


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Community-based Learning

Community-based learning programs are available in elementary, junior high and high school.  These programs bring the community into the school and place students in the community as part of their studies.  Students gain real world experiences and apply knowledge and skills learned in school.  View here to see the goals of community-based learning and the different programs available. (Read More 1)

Correspondence Studies

Public school correspondence courses follow the Nova Scotia Public School Program curriculum and use textbooks and other resource materials from the Authorized Learning Resources.  Correspondence Study is study you do on your own. The course work is marked by certified teachers who understand the special needs and circumstances of students who study at home.  Courses are not taught.  Visit here to learn more about the Correspondence Study Program. (Read More 2)

International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program is a comprehensive, two-year program that is delivered using an internationally standardized curriculum in selected high schools throughout Nova Scotia.  It is meant for students who are motivated, capable of success in high school academics and committed to putting in the necessary effort.  The IB Program is designed to provide unique learning experiences and develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes of learners with diverse interests and ambitions.  Visit here to learn more about this program. (Read More 3)

Nova Scotia Virtual School (NSVS)

The Nova Scotia Virtual School (NSVS) provides online high school courses to students enrolled in public high schools in Nova Scotia.  NSVS online courses use the Nova Scotia Public School Program with curriculum and learning outcomes that are the same as those used in a classroom at school.  Visit here to learn more about these courses. (Read More 4)

Personal Development Credits

Personal Development Credits are designed to recognize the achievements of students who successfully complete courses or meet all of the assessment standards of organizations that are outside the high school system.  Personal development credits can be given in three areas: Arts, Languages and Leadership.  Visit here to learn more about these credits. (Read More 5)

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